About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The Office of Online Education extends access to University courses and degree programs to the local and global communities, serving a diverse population of students who prefer or need alternative methods of delivery. We are committed to learner needs and interests and strive to provide exemplary service to the University academic community. The Office of Online Education collaborates with faculty on research initiatives, provides faculty development, and uses proven pedagogies paired with emerging technologies to promote successful learning outcomes for UNLV students.

Faculty Services

The Office of Online Education provides a comprehensive set of services to instructors who seek to develop and teach online and hybrid courses. For more information please view this List of Online Education Services.

Our Location

Online Education is located in the Maryland Administrative Building (MAB). Please visit our reception in the MAB. Campus Map

Our Staff

Name Title E-mail Location

Elizabeth Barrie

Director elizabeth.barrie@unlv.edu MAB1 107

Christine Ditzler

Associate Director christine.ditzler@unlv.edu MAB1-109

Leeann Fields

Assistant Director leeann.fields@unlv.edu MAB1 106

Daniel Antoniuk

Instructional Artist daniel.antoniuk@unlv.edu MAB1 118-01

Susan Armitage

Instructional Designer sue.armitage@unlv.edu MAB1 118-03

Paul Erickson

Instructional Applications Programmer paul.erickson@unlv.edu MAB1 118-02

Gary Gates

Instructional Artist gary.gates@unlv.edu MAB1 110-09

Paul Mudd

Instructional Artist paul.mudd@unlv.edu CSB 163A-14

Swasati Mukherjee

Instructional Designer swasati.mukherjee@unlv.edu MAB1 115-10

John Murphy

Instructional Applications Programmer john.murphy@unlv.edu MAB1 110-08

Patrick Rios

Instructional Artist Patrick.Rios@unlv.edu CSB 163A-07

Rachel Roth

Instructional Artist rachel.roth@unlv.edu CSB 163A-05

Lisa Wable

Instructional Artist lisa.wable@unlv.edu MAB1 115-01

Tarryn Mcghie

LECTURER tarryn.mcghie@unlv.edu MAB1 110-10