Course Development

Course Development Approval Form

Course development deadlines

Development Process & Procedures

Partnering with UNLV's Online Education team in the development of a fully online or blended (hybrid) course is straightforward. Generally, the course development of a new course should begin one term prior to the anticipated delivery to students.

OE Course development process

Getting Started:

  1. In online and blended (hybrid) education, planning is imperative. Because the course development process requires about 18 weeks, faculty subject matter experts are encouraged to meet with their OE team early in the process. Review the general timeframes recommended for developing a new or existing online or hybrid course.
  2. Complete the online Course Development Approval Form. You will need a UNLV ACE (iLeave) account to submit a form. If you do not know your login, you will need to contact OIT to obtain your ACE (iLeave) login information. Be sure and review the course form submission and development deadlines for upcoming semesters.
  3. Once you submit your Course Development Approval Form, e-mails will be sent to academic unit representatives (such as your department chair and college dean) requesting approval.  The entire approval process is digital.  No routing of paper documents is necessary.
  4. Upon approval, an email will be sent to you, providing additional information about your the Online Education team. 
  5. As the faculty subject matter expert, you collaborate with an assigned OE Team. Your OE team has the technical skills, knowledge of best practices in ePedagogies/eAndragogies, visuospatial (graphical) design, and multimedia design to assist and support your online/blended (hybrid) course design.
    Course Team Infographic
  6. The course development process is smoother for all development team members when the organization structure is well communicated.  To assist with this process we have a number of tools available for the faculty member and/or subject matter expert including the course information document and the module learning guide.  
  7. As part of the development, you have access to custom solutions and production services for graphic design, video production, and learning object and web development to increase student engagement.
  8. Your OE Team will provide you with a course checklist which must be completed and signed before any distribution of incentives to Colleges/Schools. Incentives are distributed to the Colleges and Schools after the term in which the course is developed.