Faculty Training

Archived Webinars

Basic Learning Objects

An introductory look at learning objects created by UNLV Online Education by our team of programmers and artists. We will look at a number of objects that utilize, flash card, drag and drop, click to reveal, and multiple choice to create engaging learning opportunities within a course. We will also... View Archive

Best Practices Series - Going Beyond the Lines in Blackboard

Explore some new ideas to create an interface in WebCampus that makes content engaging and easy for students.  This Webinar will present an example of an interface created by the Office of Online Education that is easy to use and can be accessed through mobile devices such as smart phones and... View Archive

Best Practices Series - Preparing For A New Semester

Please join us for a one-hour webinar on how online instructors effectively prepare for a new semester. Three experienced instructors will share their approaches to preparing their online course so they and their students can focus on teaching and learning during the semester.   Webinar... View Archive

WebCampus Grade Center Essentials

The Grade Center is the online grading tool within WebCampus that enables faculty to record grade data and track student work throughout the semester. This webinar will introduce participants to the basics of using this tool with course assignment, test, and discussion activities. Additionally,... View Archive

Mapping It Out, Part III - Closing the Loop

In addition to evaluating student mastery of learning objectives, assessments can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of course curriculum and departmental programs. Please join Dan Bubb, director of academic assessment, and the Office of Online Education in part three of the... View Archive

Best Practices Series - Showcase of Interactives in Online Education

Showcase of Interactives in Online Education Presenters: Chris Duke, Paul Erickson, Shannon Peevey, John Murphy - Online Education Instructional Application Programmers Take a tour with the Online Education Instructional Applications Team as we provide you with a sampling of what we have to offer... View Archive

Developing flexible online courses

Join Dr. Heather Lusty, UNLV English Department, as she presents a model for developing flexible online courses that accomplish departmental learning objectives yet allow opportunities for individual instructor teaching styles.  This technique provides a structural framework of modular course... View Archive

Mapping it out: Writing Clear, Measurable Course Learning Objectives

  Well-written, measurable learning objectives are the key to developing quality online courses.  Please join Dr. Dan Bubb, UNLV Director of Academic assessment, and the Office of Online Education in a webinar/workshop on the development of measurable learning objectives. Objectives... View Archive

Hybrid Learning: The Best of Both Worlds

Video Agenda: * Scenarios * What is a Hyrid * Strengths vs Weaknesses * Hybrid Variations * Hybrid Standards * Best Practices * Summary Presenters: Kevin Wilcoxon, Instructional Designer for UNLV Office of Online Education & Alice Swift, Instructional Designer for UNLV... View Archive