Embedding your YouTube video in WebCampus

Once you have created a video and uploaded it to your YouTube channel, you may embed it in a WebCampus discussion, message, journal, blog or wiki.

The following steps will guide you in the process, using a UNLV video and the discussion tool as an example.

1. In YouTube, click the Share link, then copy the generated URL.

YouTube page showing the Share link

Copy the URL

2. In WebCampus, go to Discussions. Click Create Thread. In the Message area, click the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button, which is located on the bottom row, fourth from the left.

Click the Insert/Edit Embedded Media button

3. In the Type menu select iframe. Paste the video's URL in the File/URL field.

Paste the URL and select iframe from the Type pull-down menu

4. Complete the Create Thread task. You may add text before or after the video, which looks like a yellow box. Click Submit.

Complete the Create Message task by adding a subject, some text before or after the video, and clicking the Submit button.

5. In the Discussion forum, click your thread and check it out.

Your text and video display in your Thread in the Discussion Forum.