Tips for Success Online

Taking a course online is different from taking a traditional course in a physical classroom. To be successful, a student must plan time to study and be disciplined in keeping pace with the course.

  • Take notes or read out loud to reinforce what you are learning. There are different ways of learning. Using multiple senses helps with retention of information.
  • Set study goals. Create a list of things to accomplish in a log-on or study session. Check off items as you achieve them.
  • Establish a regular study/learning schedule. Make it part of your personal calendar.
  • Take breaks. Walk around and stretch. Drink some water or have a light snack.
  • Keep study tools in one place. Have a dedicated study place and/or backpack with required supplies (books, computer, paper, pens, calculator, etc.)
  • Pace your work. Regular, spaced study will result in better learning. Your purpose is to learn the relevant skills and concepts presented in the course. Make sure you are learning and not just covering material.
  • Talk about what you are learning with others. One of the most effective strategies for learning is to explain what you have learned to someone. Discuss concepts to reinforce your understanding.
  • Get a mentor. Find someone who has the skills and knowledge that you want to learn and ask them to help you.
  • Search the Internet for information related to your topic. Compare your findings to what you are studying.
  • Understand your personal learning style. Take this free learning styles assessment to find your learning preferences. Use them to create strategies that will help your learning.
  • Look for real-world examples. The more relevant the subject is to your actual experience, the better you will understand and retain it.
  • Practice what you learn as soon and as often as possible.
  • Celebrate successes! Reward yourself and be proud of your accomplishments!
  • Ask questions. If something isn't clear to you, ASK. It's been said a zillion times: the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked.